The Amber Dictionary page   [ignore the top links on that page, they don't work]


Prince Of Chaos Book 10 of Amber   [the entire story, with a few misspellings]

Dawn Of Amber   [only chapter one, sorry!]

To Rule In Amber   [only chapter one, sorry!]


Here There be Dragons   [the entire story!]


01- Nine Princes in Amber

02 - Guns of Avalon

03 - Sign of the Unicorn

04 - Hand of Oberon

05 - The Courts of Chaos

06 - Trumps of Doom

07 - Blood of Amber

08 - Sign of Chaos

09 - Knight of Shadows

10 - Prince of Chaos   [yes, this is a duplicate of the one above!]




Frank Herbert's Dune Series!   [complete books!]




William Gibson's Cyberpunk Series!   [complete books!]